Finding Content & Topics to create about is sometimes truly tricky when your goal is to build the Know, Like Trust Factor with Your Potential Audience

In this course, I cover how you are able to understand Keywords and Tagging in YouTube and translate that to your other platforms as well!

There's a Science to getting found on YouTube! And nope! I'm not talking about creating pointless content consistently, or creating videos attempting to go viral every day either! 

I'm talking about creating content that is tested and true! And that you are almost positive that your ideal customer is searching for! 

Stop guess, get down to the actionable content provided and start creating content that truly matters to your online business today!

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  • Learn how to research add and implement your business keywords instantly!

  • Learn how to take the long and dreary out of doing keyword research for your niche, business, industry...

  • See all of my behind the scenes processes for using the right keyword strategy for video, for your YouTube channel with your business in mind!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    WELCOME! Check In & Keyword Introduction & Understanding


    • SSG Timer Reminder: How to Navigate your Timing for this Course

    • Welcome! Introduction to Basic Keyword Strategy for Your Business

  • 2

    Keyword Research for Your Business & YouTube Channel

    • The Quick, Dirty and Really Essential on Keywords!!

    • Keywords for Video Workbook

    • Smart Keywords for Creating Smart Videos QUIZ!

    • Submit Your Keywords for Review

  • 3

    Easiest & Most Accurate Keyword Research Tool Walk Through

    • Understanding how to develop a video Idea: Case study, My Apartment Tour.

    • How to develop a video idea using YouTube and the Keyword Explorer.

  • 4

    Understanding & Implementing Smart Video Tags In Your Upload Process

    • How To Use Tags in The YouTube Upload Video Process

    • How To Tag Your Videos and Tube Buddy Walk Through

    • How To Re-Evaluate, Change and Update Your Tags In Old Videos so That You're able to Get More Views!

    • Using the Execution and Planning System to Dominate & Streamline Your Video Upload Process

  • 5

    What's Next?

    • In the Academy? Access Your Board Now!

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