There Is No Need For You To Figure This Out On Your Own!

Use this system that has served me well in educating people online for the past few years!

It's time for you to start to start creating videos without wondering where you should start!

Start creating meaningful videos with a purpose! Create with the intent of understanding who you are catering to with your content and giving them exactly what they need!

It's time for even more people to start finding you!

This foolproof method helps you to -

✅learn more about what people in your industry are searching for and also helps you to stay up to date with the people that are already creating!

✅create content that truly matters to the people that are searching for your solutions!

✅start planning with purpose and organization. Start the process with research, and end with promotion and brainstorm new related videos!

✅stick to your marketing goals as a business. Make videos that are helpful to you and your new and current subscribers. This tool keeps you on track, ensuring that you are placing specific content inside of your videos and inside of your description box as well!

✅create videos with ease. Create without the worry that you are forgetting an important step in the video process! I can't tell you how many times I forgot to test my video and recorded an entire video with no sound! (face palm).

✅understand exactly what you are sharing about before you start filming! When you use this tool, it's like refreshing your memory as you create! It also ensures that you are creating from your own perspective and not someone else's! Video, is here so that you are able to tell your own story! It's the best way to add authenticity to your brand!!

✅& So much more! Just wait till you get into it!!

  • Get Focused

    Learn how to search for and create focused content so that you are able to appeal to the audience that you truly want to find you!

  • Create With Smart Strategy

    Use smart strategy so that you're creating with a purpose! You want to be able to lead your audience to a place where they are able to know, like, and trust you through your video content! This, in turn, helps your business growth and sales!

  • Well Thought Out System

    Use a well thought out system, created by someone who creates video content on a consistent basis for marketing and for educating others as well!

What's Included

  • 1


    • The Concept (7 Moving Parts to Video Success)

    • What Is Trello?

    • How To Access Your Board

  • 2


    • How To Use Your Trello Board: In-Depth Overview

    • How To Copy A Card (Video Topic) In Trello

    • How to Use Board Labels (Map and Keep Track of Your Video Process)

    • How to Add A Calendar to Your Trello Board for Tracking

  • 3


    • Video Strategy Workbook

    • Your Trello Board

    • How To Use Your Ultimate Video Projection Planner Tracking Sheet (Video)

    • Tracking Sheet For Your YouTube Channel

Your Visual Instructor

XayLi Barclay

Visual Strategy & Content Creation Coach

Hi I’m XayLi! I’m a Visual and Video Content Creation Coach & Lifestyle Blogger. I’ve been blogging for a little over nine years, but I’ve been blogging successfully as a business for the past four years. I am totally obsessed with helping others to create a standout Online Presence. You are super smart and simply amazing! You also deserve all good things! People need to see and feel that when they interact with you!! My passion is showing creative business owners how they can stand out and pave a lane of their own while growing and nurturing their own specific audience. My goal is to teach you how you can effortlessly create the visual appearance that you’ve always dreamed about so that you can clearly connect with the audience that you know that you are capable of attracting! I do this by merging awesome visuals with specific strategy! So that your presence is not only based on looking good but making money for you and your family as well! I'm also really obsessed with video marketing! It has been the base of growing my business! Ready to learn with me? be sure that you're signed up to join the Start, Shoot, Grow Visual Academy!

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