Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to this Online Experience

    • Welcome!! What is Notion?

    • How to Use Notion and How to Duplicate Your Materials

    • How to Use Your Editorial Calendar

    • How to Use Your Notion Video Pro Planner

    • Example Of A Video Pro Planner Template In Notion

    • How to Use Your Video Script Template in Notion

    • How to Stay Organized Using Tags in Notion

    • How to Create Your Video Pro Planner Template for Each Video

    • BONUS: Daily Template in Notion

  • 2

    Access Your Templates and Tools Here

    • Access Your Video Editorial Calendar Template Here

    • Access Your Video Pro Planner Template Here

    • Join the FREE Facebook Group HERE

    • BONUS: Best Equipment Video Guide

    • BONUS: Full Monthly Process for Video Content Creation

  • 3

    Bonus: Video Pro Planning and Organization Workshop

    • Welcome To This Workshop

    • Workshop Introduction

    • The Foundational Video Content Type

    • The Functional Video Content Type

    • The Fun Video Content Type

    • The Financial Video Content Type

    • The LIVE Video Content Type

    • My Video Content Creation Schedule

  • 4

    Track Your Progress

    • How To Use Your Ultimate Video Projection Planner Tracking Sheet (Video)

    • Copy of (Bonus) Ultimate Video Projection Planner Topics Template

  • 5


    • The Concept (7 Moving Parts to Video Success)

    • What Is Trello?

    • How To Access Your Trello Board

    • How To Use Your Trello Board (New Version Updated for 2020)

    • Access Your Updated Video Strategy for 2021 Trello Board (New Version)

    • Bonus Scheduling Board - Start Shoot Grow Thrive Board

    • Access Your Bonus Editorial Calendar

    • How To Use Your Trello Board: In-Depth Overview (Older Version)

    • How To Copy A Card (Video Topic) In Trello

    • How to Use Board Labels (Map and Keep Track of Your Video Process)

    • How to Add A Calendar to Your Trello Board for Tracking