Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!! What is Notion?

    2. How to Use Notion and How to Duplicate Your Materials

    3. How to Use Your Editorial Calendar

    4. How to Use Your Notion Video Pro Planner

    5. Example Of A Video Pro Planner Template In Notion

    6. How to Use Your Video Script Template in Notion

    7. How to Stay Organized Using Tags in Notion

    8. How to Create Your Video Pro Planner Template for Each Video

    9. BONUS: Daily Template in Notion

    1. Access Your Video Editorial Calendar Template Here

    2. Access Your Video Pro Planner Template Here

    3. Join the FREE Facebook Group HERE

    4. BONUS: Best Equipment Video Guide

    5. BONUS: Full Monthly Process for Video Content Creation

    1. Welcome To This Workshop

    2. Workshop Introduction

    3. The Foundational Video Content Type

    4. The Functional Video Content Type

    5. The Fun Video Content Type

    6. The Financial Video Content Type

    7. The LIVE Video Content Type

    8. My Video Content Creation Schedule

    1. How To Use Your Ultimate Video Projection Planner Tracking Sheet (Video)

    2. Copy of (Bonus) Ultimate Video Projection Planner Topics Template

    1. The Concept (7 Moving Parts to Video Success)

    2. What Is Trello?

    3. How To Access Your Trello Board

    4. How To Use Your Trello Board (New Version Updated for 2020)

    5. Access Your Updated Video Strategy for 2021 Trello Board (New Version)

    6. Bonus Scheduling Board - Start Shoot Grow Thrive Board

    7. Access Your Bonus Editorial Calendar

    8. How To Use Your Trello Board: In-Depth Overview (Older Version)

    9. How To Copy A Card (Video Topic) In Trello

    10. How to Use Board Labels (Map and Keep Track of Your Video Process)

    11. How to Add A Calendar to Your Trello Board for Tracking

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